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Mega Joker Slot – Up to 99.00 % RTP

Mega Joker Slot

Even though the slot looks complicated when you open it for the first time, it is quite simple. There are only two different slot features. But, to get the full 99.00 % Mega Joker RTP, you have to know how to play this slot. If you don’t, you might end up playing at an 85.28 % RTP slot instead. In other words, it is worth putting a bit of effort into learning how to play this slot. Especially as it is on top of our Top 10 slots list, and considered the best online slots by many experienced players.

Best Mega Joker Casino

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  • New Casino 2020

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  • 100+ Jackpot Slots

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Mega Joker Mobile Slot

NetEnt launched this legendary slot in 2011, but the mobile version was not available until 2019. The mobile version is slimmed down to give a better gaming experience. All features and the two reels are the same on the mobile slot, but you can only see one of the reel sets at the time.

Mega Joker RTP & Variance

If you do not take advantage of the SuperMeter when playing, the RTP will be 85.28 %. To increase the Mega Joker RTP to 99.00 % you have to play using the optimal strategy and place bets of a certain value based on how many coins you have on your SuperMeter Balance. As this is quite a lot of information, we will tell you more about that later. The slot has a high variance. With a progressive jackpot, this is a natural consequence. It is a slot that is not known to pay out a lot of wins when you play it. But, it can definitively surprise you with a big win if you play it right and luck is on your side.

Reels, Lines & Symbols

We think that it is the two 3 x 3 reel sets, that put of new players from giving Mega Joker a spin. It is a shame, as this is considered the best of all high RTP slots. And, if you give it a try, you will soon realize that it is not that difficult to play.

Both the main reel set and the SuperMeter reel set has 5 lines each. These are fixed, so it is not possible to adjust the number of lines in play.

It is a classic online slot inspired by the old fruit machines, so you can expect a lot of fruits. The lemon and the cherries are the low-value symbols, while the melon and the golden bell are the medium-value symbols, for the high-value you have the treasure chest. Finally, you have the Joker that is the symbol for the Mystery Win. When it comes to the SuperMeter Mode, you also have oranges and plums as low-value symbols and lucky 7’s instead of the treasure chest for high-value symbols.

Mega Joker Slot Features

There are only two different slot features on this slot. First, you have the SuperMeter Mode. When activating this feature, the Mega Joker RTP increases to 99.00 % as long as you play it right. Then, you also have a progressive jackpot. Both features are of course very important to the game.

SuperMeter Mode

Before you start playing at the slot, it is important to understand how the SuperMeter Mode works, but it is also important to remember how much you should bet. You can find that information under Slot Strategy. It can also be a good idea to bookmark this page, as it is a lot of information to remember. Then you can refer to this page when playing the slot and check what the optimal bet is.

When you play the game and get a win, you can choose to play SuperMeter Mode for the credit you won. We suggest you do, to enjoy the high Mega Joker RTP of 99.00 %. To keep the high RTP during your play in SuperMeter, you have to place the optimal bet based on your SuperMeter balance. For example, if you have a SuperMeter Balance of 40 coins, it is advised that you make a bet of 40 coins, while if you have a balance of 60 coins, you should place a 20 coin bet.

Slot Strategy

SuperMeter Balance (Coins)Optimal Bet (Coins)
220 – 28020
320 – 38020
420 – 158020
1600 – 2000Collect

Progressive Jackpot

The Mega Joker Jackpot is a local progressive jackpot. Because of this, it can be a good idea to check out a few different casinos to find the biggest Mega Joker jackpot before you start playing. The jackpot is randomly drawn, so there are no symbol combinations you have to look out for. Neither is there any slot strategy that can help you to win it. But, you can get a better chance if you choose the casino where the jackpot has the highest value.

Our Verdict

This is the best high RTP slot. But, should you give it a spin? Well, it depends on the size of your bankroll. The minimum stake is €1 per spin, and if you only make a €10 or €20 deposit, you can get more bang for your bucks playing other slots. If you instead make a €50 deposit, this slot can be worth giving a spin. Just remember to use the SuperMeter Mode for what it is worth.

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